Mams, Dads, Aunties and Uncles


Mams, Dads, Aunties& Uncles is a signed, limited edition Giclee print on paper in two sizes, based on the original painting by Scottish artist Alexander Millar.

Available to order online as an unframed Giclee print on paper.

Boutique Giclee Print on Paper £350
Dimensions 50cm wide x 23cm high - Editions 195

The 'boutique' collection consists of a handful of the most popular limited edition prints, produced on a slightly reduced scale for those who wish to fill a smaller space with vibrant artwork. Alexander's 'gadgies' are the focus of this collection - all in happy situations.

Standard Giclee Print on Paper £550
Dimensions 76cm wide x 38cm high - Editions 195

The original oil painting can be viewed in our Newcastle Gallery, please call Billy Couper on 07776 162 038 or email for details.

"Being an only child, I always found a day out with my extended family to be very exciting, especailly when my cousin David was with us.

Whether with blood relatives or friends of mam and dad, who we called aunties and uncles back then, any excursion became more of an adventure - come rain or shine!

The way this painting always makes me smile encouraged me to reproduce it on the mugs that we sell in our galleries (and online)."

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