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Boutique Edition width:
24cm approx
Boutique Edition height:
30cm approx
Standard Edition width:
38cm approx.
Standard Edition height:
48cm approx.

Mam is a signed, limited edition, Giclee print on paper in two sizes, based on the original painting by Scottish artist Alexander Millar.

Available to order online as an unframed Giclee print on paper

Boutique Giclee Print on Paper £200

Dimensions 24cm wide x 30cm high - Editions 195

The 'boutique' collection consists of a handful of the most popular limited edition prints, produced on a slightly reduced scale for those who wish to fill a smaller space with vibrant artwork. Alexander's 'gadgies' are the focus of this collection - all in happy situations.

Standard Giclee Print on Paper £350
Dimensions 38cm wide x 48cm high - Editions 195

The original oil painting can be viewed in our Newcastle Gallery, please call Billy Couper on 07776 162 038 or email for details.

"One of the most precious things that my Mam and Dad gave me was an old leather suitcase of photographs that had been my family in the village of Springside for generations. 

Other than these old black and white images, sometimes I have to rely on the images that are stored in my minds eye. It's only a brief snapshot, like those old photos, but sometimes it's like replaying an old film that has all the sounds, smells and tastes that are relived in a dream. 

One image that can only have come from the faintest memory, as I don't have a photo of my Mam doing this, is of being tightly tucked in her old tartan shawl and being carried around as she got on with the jobs around the house.

If I close my eyes I can see that it was a red tartan shawl with big thick twisted tassels around the edge - slightly prickly because of the wool but if I try hard I can remember the scent of the wool too.

I hope this little indulgence into my own memory of my mother helps you to relive a happy time with yours."

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