Come Home Soon

Giclee Print on Paper Width (artwork only):
Giclee Print on Paper Height (artwork only):
Hand-embellished, Framed, Giclee Print on Canvas Width (includes frame):
Hand-embellished, Framed, Giclee Print on Canvas Height (includes frame):

Come Home Soon is a signed, limited edition Giclee print on paper of the painting of the same name by Alexander Millar.

It has also be produced as a hand-embellished, signed, limited edition print on canvas, where the artist has recreated the effect of the frost on the roof tiles and on the cobbles, by hand-embellishing each artwork with diamond dust. This new re-imagining of the artwork is printed on canvas and is mounted in a black, floating frame.

"This new painting relates to my Working Man portfolio, where I often placed my 'gadgies' in industrial landscapes -  heading to, or heading home from work.

Although I didn't grow up in a wee two-up-two-down terraced house, the emotion in the painting still prevails with me today.

Watching my dad head off to work, when we wanted him to stay home, always made me feel a little sad, particulary if he was on shift work and was not there at tea time .

However Mam would soon roll up her sleeves and give me chores or tasks to keep me busy!"

Signed, Limited Edition Giclee print on paper
65cm wide by 50cm high - £530

Hand-embellished, signed, limited edition Giclee print on canvas in a floating frame
114cm wide by 89cm high - £1,290
(this includes UK delivery charges).

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