Under A Northern Sky Original Oil Painting


I'm sitting here in the studio listening to the pouring rain hitting the roof and wondering to myself why is it that I find industrial scenes so evocative and comforting. I see loads of beautifully painted images of the glories of the British countryside or scenes from abroad but I'm always drawn to what you see here.

It's obviously got everything to do with my upbringing in Scotland and the heritage of where I live now in Newcastle and every time I paint one of these things I'm immediately thrown back to either going to or coming home from work when I was serving my apprenticeship, each journey had an equally evocative feeling to it for it was usually at that time of day when there was something in the air and the light was at its most magical.

Anyhow here I am again putting the finishing touches to another "dreich" industrial painting that has all the magic, majesty, subtlety and delight that I so love to try and capture. I hope you feel it too.

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