Cullercoats Original Oil Painting

Width (artwork only):
76cm approx
Height (artwork only):
61cm approx.
Width (including frame):
99cm approx.
Height (including frame):
84cm approx.

Cullercoats is an original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

“My ‘gadgies’ are usually seen from the point of view of a child (me) - looking up at men and women in baggy suits and coats - all from another era.

In this artwork from my Sense of Place collection, my point of view is from up on the clifftop -  looking down at people at play on a North Sea beach. 

Distance blurs the individuals, but to me, this perspective makes them fit so well into the surrounding landscape - where the shoreline seems to puts its arms around the holidaymakers.”

Cullercoats is in a dramatic black frame with burnished gold slip

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