Angel of the Times Original Oil Painting

Now: £18,200.00
(You save £9,800.00 )
Image Width:
100cm approx.
Image Height:
75cm appox.
Width including frame:
129cm approx.
Height including frame:
103cm approx.

Angel of the Times is an original painting by Alexander Millar.

"With their flat caps and baggy work suits, my gadgies are obviously from an earlier era.

So I wonder how they would handle today’s  multi-media world - that’s full of colour and sound! 

Probably with the same easy-going attitude and a bit of detachment - that was their way of living in harder times!

In this artwork my gadgie ‘Angel’ keeps that same devil-may-care demeanour as he looks on the chaotic, modern world."

Angel of the Times is framed in a metalic silver effect frame with a dramtic black slip slip and can be viewed in our Newcastle Gallery. For more infomation please email Billy Couper on

For more information please email or call 07776 162038

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