Our Great Big Adventure In Newcastle

Our Great Big Adventure In Newcastle

Posted by Alexander Millar on 28th Aug 2020

I'm really excited to announce that I am opening my own dedicated gallery in the heart of Newcastle in early October.

The decision to open my own gallery on Newcastle’s Grey Street was made after my successful year-long retrospective exhibition at The Hancock Gallery on Jesmond Road West.

The enthusiasm in the North East for my work is amazing. The reception my artwork received at my exhibitions in both The Great North Museum Hancock then a few years later in The Hancock Gallery convinced me that I had to open my own permanent gallery.

It was a case of completing my show at the Hancock then finding the right venue in Newcastle/Gateshead. When I was offered 55-59 Grey Street - a stunning, five storey, Georgian venue on one of the UK’s most beautiful streets, I couldn’t resist it!

The venue was previously an art gallery, so location, layout and space are all perfect for me. I can’t wait to exhibit both my new and my retrospective work across three floors of gallery space.

Despite the recent pandemic disruption, I'm sure there's an appetite for art lovers to get back to both public and commercial galleries, and I've made sure that my new exhibition space is both welcoming and safe for visitors.

Hope to see you there soon.

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