About the Artist


Ayrshire born Alexander Millar, one of the UK’s most loved and collectable artists, is a self-taught, contemporary impressionist artist, whose work depicts the small wonder of the everyday.

He is one of the few living artists in the UK who have had museum exhibitions in Newcastle (The Great North: Hancock), Glasgow (Scotland Street Museum) and New York (The Fire Dept. Museum of New York).

Hi work has also been displayed in public venues, such as shopping centres and metro carriages , as well as being used as scenic backdrops for theatrical productions.


His atmospheric landscapes capture memories of life in the 50's and 60's and his impressionist brush strokes and tones create a romantic view of that era, often playing with the effect of light as it is reflected on a wet tiled roof, transporting the viewer back to the cityscapes of their own childhood.


From an early age he has viewed his surroundings and the people he grew up with as if they were a carefully choreographed street ballet: old men on bikes coming home from a hard day’s graft, the gossiping women standing on the street corner or the working man staggering home after a payday night on the town.



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