Where We Came From Original Oil Painting

Framed Giclee Print on Canvas - Width (including frame):
130cm approx.
Framed Giclee Print on Canvas - Height (including frame):
105cm approx.

‘Where We Came From’ is an original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

"Nowadays many of us who are fortunate, live in comfortable homes, can choose where and when to holiday and have time to take up leisure activties.

But it was only one or two generations back, when our folks had to work so hard to keep us fed and sheltered.

When I get annoyed about some minor 'first world problem', I try to recall how many of us have had help from our own folks, who had so very little - and I tell myself - this is where I came from!"

‘Where We Came From’ is in a dark brown/black, antique effect frame with a burnished gold slip.


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