Where Angels Tread

Giclee print on paper - Width (artwork only):
61cm approx
Giclee print on paper - Height (artwork only):
Deluxe, framed, Giclee print on canvas - Width (including frame):
Deluxe, framed, Giclee print on canvas - Height (including frame):

Where Angels Tread is a signed, limited edition, Giclee print of the original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

Where Angels Tread is available as:

Signed, limited edition, Giclee print on paper (£530) 
Approximately 61cm wide and 49cm high

Framed, Deluxe signed, limited edition, Giclee print on canvas (£1,250)
Including the frame approximately 101 cm wide and 76 cm high, delivery included.


"I had the name of this artwork in my head just as I started working on it. 

So I did a bit of 'googling' and could only find a novel (Where Angels Fear to Tread) about middle-class Edwardians in Tuscany - a million miles away from my working class gadgies!

These two up/two down, terraced houses could be in any industrial city like Belfast, Leeds or Manchester, but to me they're typical of Newcastle and Gateshead.

And the 'Angel'?  Well he's the embodiment of our 'Angel of the North' - a hard working man heading for work to keep his family fed, sheltered and clothed.

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