Tinsel Tango

Width (artwork only):
38cm approx
Height (artwork only):
48cm approx

Tinsel Tango is a signed, limited edition print of the original oil paintng by Alexander Millar.

"Christmas was not really celebrated in the faith community that I was brought up in.

So the excitement and magic of Christmas passed me by as a young lad.

But I'm making up for it now, with every year that passes I love Christmas time more and more.

However I hark back to that era in the sixties, when decorations were paper chains, and the most exotic thing on the tree woud be some red and gold or blue and green tinsel.

This year is even more special, as the lovely people at PURIST GIN asked me to produce a label for their award winning Art Gin, so you can now own a signed, limited edition of my art on a bottle.

It's now ready and can be ordered at PURIST GIN."


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