Over The Sea (Portrait Of Jesse Rae)


Over The Sea is a signed limited edition print of the painting of the same name by Alexander Millar.

"A while back I had the privilege of meeting the great Jesse Rae.

I remember a good few years ago sitting to watch one of my favourite programmes at the time called "The Tube" which was filmed in the Tyne Tees studios in Newcastle and my ears soon pricked up when I heard the fabulous song "Over The Sea" and the video at the time was sheer brilliance

Even now it's been voted as one of the best videos ever made. To every Scotsman it was like hearing the pipes after a while away and the hairs immediately stood up on the back of my neck.

Well fast-forward twenty odd years and here I am standing talking to that very man; him holding the sword that flew across the sea from the States back home to Scotland.

I said at the time "wow Jesse, this is like music history that I'm holding in my hands" and without dropping a beat he said with a wry smile " so am I" .. And he's right.

If you can get a chance to listen to some of his back catalogue of music, you won't be disappointed. If there was ever a musician waiting to be lifted back on to the world music scene when so much of the industry is characterless and dying on its feet, well it's this man.

Anyhow after a while I've managed to do this portrait in honour of Jesse Rae...hope you like it. I've entitled it after that amazing song "Over The Sea"

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