Portrait of Quentin Crisp

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Portrait of Quentin Crisp is an original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

When ‘The Naked Civil Servant’ was broadcast on the BBC in the 1970s, it caused shock waves that many of my generation still recall.

This story of this larger than life character started to change attitudes and not only inspired this painting but was the subject of my pal Sting’s “Englishman In New York ".

Portraiture is quite an exciting departure for me and this painting was a companion piece of another portrait (that one being Freddie Mercury). Both eccentric individuals who shone brightly in the Britain of the late 1970s."

Framed in a dramatic silver frame.

This artwork is currently on view in our Glasgow Gallery. If you would like to know more about this painting, please contact Billy Couper at info@alexandermillar.com .


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