Love Is All Around Us

Width (artwork only):
13cm approx.
Height (artwork only):
17cm approx.
Width (including frame):
31cm approx.
Height (including frame):
36cm approx

Love Is All Around Us is a small, original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

“My Mam and Dad were not the most demonstrative people in the world, and a quick gesture or a few words would suffice for these hard working folk.

However on high days and holidays they would relax a bit and I could see the newly wed couple they once were.!”

Love Is All Around Us is from the 'Little Gems' collection - a mixture of original landscapes and 'gadgie' characters that are painted on a smaller scale than Alexander Millar's usual canvas sizes.

The oversized, dramatic frame contrasts in scale with the painting, creating highly impactful artworks suitable for any wall space.

Love Is All Around Us is in a dramatic, oversized black/silver frame with a sliver slip and can be viewed in our Glasgow gallery.
Save 25% on this artwork in April 2024 by calling our Glasgow Gallery (saving not available for online purchase). Tel 0141 221 7565 or email

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