Happy Birthday

Width including frame:
48 cm approx
Height including frame:
53 cm approx.
Width (artwork only):
25 cm approx.
Height (artwork only):
30 cm approx

Happy Birthday is a framed, original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

"Coming from an Ayrshire mining village, there was never a lot of money to spend on birthday treats. 

I thought getting a balloon or two, or a football for my birthday was amazing, and would never dare to ask for anything in particular, 'cos I knew how hard my Dad worked to keep us fed and clothed."

Happy Birthday is in a dramatic, oversized, dark brown antique-look frame with a burnished gold slip,

This artwork can be veiwed in our Newcastle Gallery, or puchased online. For more information please email info@alexandermillar.com .

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