Greyfriars Bobby


Greyfriars Bobby is a signed limited edition Giclee print on paper in two sizes, based on the original painting by Alexander Millar.

Available to order online as an unframed Giclee print on paper

Boutique Giclee Print on Paper £200 
Dimensions 24cm wide x 30cm high - Editions 95
The 'boutique' collection consists of a handful of the most popular limited edition prints, produced on a slightly reduced scale for those who wish to fill a smaller space with vibrant artwork. Alexander's 'gadgies' are the focus of this collection - all in happy situations.

Standard Giclee Print on Paper £350 
Dimensions 38cm wide x 48cm high - Editions 95

"I have a penchant for including a wee dog in many of my paintings of 'gadgies', so felt I had to do tribute to Edinburgh's most famous wee dog - Greyfriars Bobby.

This small monument celebrates the loyalty of 'man's best friend', who spent 14 years guarding the grave of his owner who was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard.”

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