Evening Light, Crovie


Evening Light Crovie is a signed, limited edition print of the original oil painting by Scottish artist Alexander Millar.

Giclee Print on Paper £495
Dimensions 63cm wide x 50cm high- Editions 295

Framed Giclee Print on Canvas £740 (includes UK shipping)
Dimensions (including frame) 77cm wide x 63cm high -Editions 295

Original Oil Painting £35,000
Dimensions (including frame) - 129cm wide x 105cm high
The original oil painting is available to view at Alexander Millar Fine Art in Glasgow's Princes Square, please contact Billy Couper on +44 7776 162 038 or email info@alexandermillar.com for details.

"When I was a wee toe rag, my family were never the adventurous types.

However, one day my dad decided to take the whole family up to a tiny village called Crovie, on the Moray coast north of Aberdeen.

There were 7 of us crammed into a wee Bedford minibus for the long trip north - nana, papa, auntie, cousin David, mum and dad and me.

The cottage was so small but we all made the most of it. It was built just after the Jacobite uprising when the people were driven off the land and the buildings are so close to the sea, probably around 6 feet from the cottage to the sea wall.

It was 50 years before I made the trip back to that wee place, and I was amazed to see how nothing had changed. This time though, I was looking at the place through an artist's eyes and everywhere I looked I saw scene after scene to paint, and paint I did."

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