The Euros 2024   - Make it personal!

The Euros 2024 - Make it personal!

Posted by Alexander Millar on 11th Jun 2024

At the start of the UEFA Euros 2024, I find myself a little bit conflicted, as I was born in Scotland, but I've lived in England for many years now - so I'm rooting for both UK teams participating.

For the UEFA Euros 2024, I've produced a special version of 'The Beautiful Game' which is a hybrid between an original and a print.

Clients can choose their preferred football team colours on the child’s shirt and on the scarf and also choose a favourite player number and a name on the back of the shirt (it doesn't have to be a player's surname, it could be any first name, surname or nickname)

I will then  hand paint and embellish each piece based on the individual requests of each client, making the very unique artworks.

These framed,  England and Scotland versions of 'The Beautiful Game' are highly personal gifts for any football fan, ones that will be treasured for many years to come.

The Beautiful Game customised artwork is normally £950, but these national team versions are available at £825 during the tournament.

Call our galleries in Newcastle or Glasgow for more information and to order your unique bespoke artwork

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