The Art of Football

The Art of Football

Posted by Alexander Millar on 13th Feb 2024

As you probably know, my ‘gadgies’ are nostalgic figures from an earlier industrial era. 

For many working class folk the highlight of the week was to go to the football on a Saturday afternoon.

So, I’ve combined fond memories of dads, granddads and other characters from our past with the love of the Beautiful Game that they instilled in us.

And you can now have your own ‘gadgie’ supporting the team that they love.

I’v produced signed, limited edition prints that I will then personally hand-embellished in any team colours that you choose.

It’s the perfect gift for a football fan who also loves art.

The paper-only print of Family Ties and of Number 1 Fan are each  £295, or from £395 if you wish this unique artwork mounted, glazed and framed.

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