Gadgies on show at Ronald McDonald House in Glasgow

Gadgies on show at Ronald McDonald House in Glasgow

Posted by Billy Couper on 20th Jun 2021

Two of the guest suites at Ronald McDonald House have just been decorated with Alexander Millar artwork and ‘gadgie’ cushions to bring a splash of colour and cheer in these beautifully appointed four-star rooms.

Ronald McDonald House, in the grounds of The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, is operated as a charitable trust that provides a home from home for families who are visiting kids that require medical care in the hospital.

Ronald McDonald House relies on the generosity of fundraisers to help support families in its Houses. Their vision is for every child in hospital to have their families close by, and to ensure that families are fully supported in Ronald McDonald Houses and that they remain actively involved in their child’s care.

Helping the team at Ronald McDonald House choose the perfect artwork, Billy Couper said: “we’re delighted to support Ronald McDonald House in their effort to provide as comfortable and relaxing a retreat as possible for families who are coping with the pressure of a child in hospital.

Much of the ‘gadgie’ artwork is about families enjoying a few hours of relaxation away from the cares of daily life - so we think it’s a good fit for such an important facility.”

Artwork being exhibited includes Mams, Dads, Aunties and UnclesGreyfriars Bobby and Happy Days.

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