Angel of the Times

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Framed Giclee Print on Canvas Editions:
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Angel of the Times is a signed, limited edition print of the original painting by Alexander Millar.

"With their flat caps and baggy work suits, my gadgies are obviously from an earlier era. So I wonder how they would handle today’s multi-media world - that’s full of colour and sound! 

Probably with the same easy-going attitude and a bit of detachment - that was their way of living in harder times!

In this artwork, my gadgie ‘Angel’ keeps that same devil-may-care demeanour as he looks on the chaotic, modern world."

There are three versions of this signed, limited edition artwork available:

Giclee Print on Paper £645
Dimensions: 50cm wide by 38cm high approximately
Editions: 395

This signed, limited edition print is also available mounted and framed at £795 - available to view and to purchase exclusively through our Newcastle and Glasgow galleries.

Framed, Giclee Print on Canvas £1,295
Dimensions: 115cm wide by 90cm high approximately.
Editions: 295
Framed in a dramatic, black, floating frame.

Artist's Proofs on Paper  - Boxed Set of all four 'Angel' prints £2,495
Own the full portfolio of the 'Angel' collection of four artworks in the rare and highly collectable Artist's Proof editions. The four artworks are supplied in a unique Alexander Millar presentation box.
Artist's Proofs of the 'Angel' collection are only available in this presenation boxed set of four.

Dimensions of each artwork: 50cm wide by 38cm high approximately.
Artist's Proofs: 25

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