Angel of Hope

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Framed Giclee Print on Canvas Editions:
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Angel of Hope is a signed, limited edition print of the original painting by Alexander Millar.

"In the last few years the rainbow has become an icon of hope, diversity and caring.

It’s a symbol we see almost everywhere - one that indicates renewal and hope after dark and stormy times.

My paintings of ‘gadgies’ have always had an optimistic theme and I think my ‘gadgies’, like the viewer of this artwork are looking forward to a sunny future."

Angel of Hope is one in series of 'Angel' artworks that also can be purchased as boxed set of four signed, Artist's Proofs on paper."

There are three versions of this signed, limited edition artwork available:

Giclee Print on Paper £645
Dimensions: 50cm wide by 38cm high approximately
Editions: 395

This signed, limited edition print is also available mounted and framed at £795 - available to view and to purchase exclusively through our Newcastle and Glasgow galleries.

Framed, Giclee Print on Canvas £1,295
Dimensions: 115cm wide by 90cm high approximately.
Editions: 295
Framed in a dramatic, black, floating frame.

Artist's Proofs on Paper  - Boxed Set of all four 'Angel' prints £2,495
Own the full portfolio of the 'Angel' collection of four artworks in the rare and highly collectable Artist's Proof editions. The four artworks are supplied in a unique Alexander Millar presentation box.
Artist's Proofs of the 'Angel' collection are only available in this presenation boxed set of four.

Dimensions of each artwork: 50cm wide by 38cm high approximately.
Artist's Proofs: 25

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