When Coal was King

Now: £3,896.75
(You save £2,098.25 )
Width including frame:
76 cm approx.
Height including frame:
63 cm approx.
Width (artwork only):
46 cm approx.
height (artwork only):
36 cm approx.

When Coal was King is a framed, original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

"I first moved to Newcastle when the shipbuilding and other industries along the Tyne, were starting to close down.

It was a poignant time, before the redevelopment of the waterfont, when the last of businesses were winding down. But it became a strangely peaceful place for contemplation (and painting), when herons and other birds started to repopulate the river.

When Coal was King is framed in a dramatic black/sliver, antique look frame

Available to view in our Newcastle Gallery or to purchase online.
Email info@alexandermillar.com for more information.

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