Under My Umbrella

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Under My Umbrella is a signed, limited edition Giclee print on paper in two sizes, based on the original painting by Scottish artist Alexander Millar.

Available to order online as an unframed Giclee print on paper

Boutique Giclee Print on Paper normally £200 - now £180
Dimensions 24cm wide x 30cm high - Editions 195
The 'boutique' collection consists of a handful of the most popular limited edition prints, produced on a slightly reduced scale for those who wish to fill a smaller space with vibrant artwork. Alexander's 'gadgies' are the focus of this collection - all in happy situations.

Standard Giclee Print on Paper normally £350 - now £315
Dimensions 38cm wide x 48cm high - Editions 195

"Maybe its because I’m Scottish particularly from the west coast of this wonderful country that I paint a lot of scenes with umbrellas in them.

We used to say that the clouds that would come over from the west reached the isle of Arran and “goat fell” the largest mountain on the island, would tear the arse out the cloud and drop its contents on every town and city in the west coast. My mad uncle would always say that, “summer was his favourite day of the year”.

On the plus side all that water goes on to make some of the finest whisky on the planet so it cant be all bad and nothing beats looking at a landscape when the sun comes out just after a heavy downpour, the atmosphere it creates is breathtaking. What I remember too about where I hail from is how friendly everyone is, people go out of their way to say hello or to make sure you and alright and if you were ever in need on a rainy day even if you were on a bike an umbrella would be made available to you."

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