Lilies, Loch Dunmore Original Oil Painting

Width (artwork only):
60cm approx.
Height (artwork only):
50cm approx.
Width (including frame):
80cm approx.
Height (including frame):
70cm approx.

Lilies, Loch Dunmore is an original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

"Following in the footsteps of a childhood holiday to the north of Scotland, I rediscovered Perthshire not so long ago. 

Outside Pitlochry, I found the Enchanted Forest - with its loch covered in water lilies. It was such a calm place surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Perthshire hills and mountains.

Channelling my inner Monet, I couldn’t resist painting these lilies on Loch Dunmore."

Lilies, Loch Dummore is in a dramatic frame.

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