Home from the Harbour, Crail

Giclee Print on Canvas- Width (artwork only):
70cm approx.
Giclee Print on Canvas - Height ( artwork only):
53cm approx.
Framed Giclee Print on Canvas - Width (including frame):
85cm approx.
Framed Giclee Print on Canvas - Height (including frame):
68cm approx.

‘Home from the Harbour, Crail’ is framed, signed, limited edition print of the original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

“If you ever want a taste of foreign shores, without having to travel far, take a trip to Fife in Scotland.

The fishing villages there are as much influened by the Dutch as by the Scots. The crow step gables on the small houses clustered around the harbours are like nowhere else in the UK.

And like my adopted county of Northumberland, the eastern light from the North Sea makes it a magnet for artists.

I love heading to what's called the "Neuk" of Fife to soak up the history, the atmosphere and the inspiration of this very special place in Scotland." 

‘Home from the Harbour, Crail’ is produced on canvas and is mounted in a cream frame with bronze slip.

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