He's Fitba Crazy


Available to order online as an unframed Giclee print on paper

"He's Fitba Crazy reminds me of time when football (soccer) was everything to me a kid. My father was well known in the community as a referee and coach of the local football team. We all went through being in the under 10's, 13's etc. teams.

At every opportunity we had in daylight, and even when it was so dark, we played our little hearts out.

I laugh when I recall playing for Dundonald football team - managed by a larger than life fella called big Hughie Philips. He was enormous probably weighing in nearly 30 stone. He looked like a cross between a refrigerator and Freddie Mercury.

He would charge up and down the field waving his arms and yelling at us wee boys “get forward, get forward………get back, get back”

We just looked like a bunch of ants chasing a sweetie, wherever the ball went we snot-covered, mud monkeys wouldn’t be far behind.

It must have frustrated the pants off of Big Hughie, who dreamed of being in charge of a team more like Real Madrid than a chimpanzees' tea party instead.

I’ve long since hung up my football boots after one match when I went one way and my knee went another. However I still have a love for the beautiful game to this day, hence my own tribute to fans everywhere with this drawing - He's Fitba Crazy."

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