After The Dance

Width including frame:
43cm approx.
Height including frame:
48cm approx.
Width (image only):
25cm approx.
Height (image only):
30cm approx.

After The Dance is an original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

"In my folk's days, dancehalls and discos were only to be found in big towns and cities.

Where I grew up, dances would be held in the Village Hall after the local agricultural show, or to celebrate someone's wedding.

They were not late night affairs, and tea, sandwiches and even soup would be served to the revellers before they headed home. These dances would be the highlight of the social calendar, and although not for us kids, I'd want to hear everything about them."

After The Dance is presented in a dramatic, dark brown, antique-look frame with a burnished gold/silver slip.

For more information please email or call 07776 162038

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