A New Dawn Original Oil Painting

Now: £71,500.00
(You save £38,500.00 )
Width including frame:
122cm approx (4 feet)
Height including frame:
152cm approx (5 feet)

A New Dawn is an original oil painting by Scottish artist Alexander Millar.

This striking portrayal of a 9-11 scene was the centrepiece of the Everday Heroes exhibition at the Fire Department Museum of New York in 2018.

"I drew upon the memory of the newspaper photograph I had seen many years prior and used a World War II image I recalled of soldiers raising the American flag on Iwo Jima as references.

Both the form and the spirit conveyed in these photographs are, I hope, revitalised here, in my own commemoration of the day the world witnessed a new dawn."

Also available as a signed, limited edition print.

For more information please email info@alexandermillar.com or call 07776 162038

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