Wheelin' tae Firhill

Now: £3,795.00
(You save £200.00 )
Width including frame:
44 cm approx.
Height including frame:
48 cm approx
Width (artwork only):
25 cm approx
Height (artwork only):
29 cm approx

Wheelin tae Firhill is a framed, original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

"Glasgow, like Newcastle, is a city where football stadiums are in the heart of their communities, and Firhill is where Partick Thistle plays.

Firhill reminds me of a time when most supporters would walk (or cycle) to the ground on a Saturday, after a morning's shift in the shipyards, railway yards and nearby factories - and a half-time pie and cup of Bovril was the norm."

Wheelin tae Firhill is in a dramatic, oversized, antique look frame.

Available to view in our Glasgow Gallery or to purchase online. Please email info@alexandermillar.com for more details


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