The Sun Is In My Heart


Available to order online as an unframed Giclee print on paper

"Inspiration for The Sun is in My Heart came to me when I recently bought a methylated spirits stove from a camping shop in Newcastle. We took a drive to a nearby beauty spot by a lake where I produced my new purchase along with bacon rashers, bread rolls and a flask of tea.

It took no time at all to get the thing ablaze and soon the bacon was nice and crispy. What the biggest thrill of all of this was a the smell of cooking on a burning meth stove.

The scent took me right back to my Dad, and how he would take me and my mum on journey up north to either Glen Lyon in Perthshire or over to Peebles for the day. About half the way there he would set up his little meth stove exactly as I did that day by the lake. It's funny how you spend all your teenage years trying your hardest not to be like your dad and years later you find yourself slowly turning into the man.

But that meth burner that my dad owned turned up everywhere the family went and it served us well. These were among the happiest times of our lives, and even on damp days we still enjoyed that outdoor feast by huddling closer to the car while he was cooking. And all because of that little meth burner the sun was in my heart."

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