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Signed Limited Edition Print

The Wonder of it All

Size: 61 × 45 cm
Paper Giclee
Editions: 195


This painting is one of the body of work that was exhibited at the Great North Museum otherwise known as The Hancock Museum in Newcastle upon Tyne about 4 years ago. I have the original as part of my own collection hanging in my living room in my home.

It hangs above the fireplace and is the first thing you see as you walk into the room and always has an effect on the viewer who gazed at it. I am always amused and surprised at the reactions from people as they look at it sometimes with tears in their eyes, usually with mouths open but always in wonderment. I guess that’s the lovely thing about art in that it always touches the soul. As Picasso once said “ Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.

I see my own personal experience in this painting. I guess we all come to a time in our lives when all of our experiences can usually be viewed as a whole both good and bad, and whatever we have gone through if we’ve managed to survive and gained mastery or a balanced view of it we can stand and view the wonder of it all.

I was brought up in a very religious household and lived most of my life in that sphere of organized religion but when circumstances changed in my life I left that all behind which was at the time like tearing out my heart and soul and leaving it by the wayside, a very difficult time indeed.

As I emerged out of the mist of gloom that was my life at the time I was left with a shadow of what my life had been and even today I still consider myself a very spiritual person maybe with a desire still to look for God or at least still be found by him but without a need for organized religion.

Over the years that have passed since that time I can say that there has been many things that have happened that have made me puzzle at the weird and wonderful thing we call life and how by a small and somewhat insignificant change in how we think can have an amazing effect on the world we create in front of our very eyes.

One of the most intuitive and intellectual people I’ve ever met who has become a close friend to me told me of a few of what she would call life’s little secrets, secrets that 99.9% of the world fail to incorporate into their lives but when you do, my what a difference it can make. She would always tell me that “change this, (pointing to my head) and you change the world outside for the world outside is only what we’ve created in our minds in the first place”.

One other wonderful secret was to “let go” and realize that you cannot control one thing. This turns out to be a bit of a paradox for when you desire something but then in your mind decide to let go of it, magically you seem to attract it into your own life. She would elaborate a little on this by giving me the illustration of relationships for when you want someone in you life, the minute you start to try and control them they want to run a mile away form you but when you “let them go” they seem to want to stay and be around you.

Relate that to life and you own one of life’s little secrets. However you feel when you look at this painting I hope that you gain something good and uplifting and if it makes you go away to take time and have I little introspective time to yourself contemplating the “wonder of it all” well my work here is done.

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