Man holding umbrella with arm around woman holding up flowers

Signed, Limited Edition print (miniature)

Say It With Flowers

Size: 24 × 30 cm
Paper Giclee
Editions: 295


The one thing I wish I had seen more of in my family as a wee boy was us being a bit more demonstrative in our affections. I don’t remember much hugging or cuddling going on for it was taken for granted that you loved each other, you didn’t necessarily need to show it and when you did it became quite an uncomfortable experience not knowing which side to place your head or how close you should be to that person or how long the hug should be so we as a collective didn’t do that sort of thing, that was actually the phrase we used to say “oh we dinna dae that kinna thing here” when someone would invade our space leaning in for a hug…shudder.

Nowadays though, try and stop me from giving you a hug or even a continental kiss on both cheeks. So the giving of flowers, let alone hugs and kisses was a fairly big occasion and usually marked a special event in my family and for the dad to produce a bunch of flowers.

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