A pencil sketch of a Peaky Blinder's character smoking a cigarette

Signed Limited Edition Print

Thomas Shelby

Size: 21 × 30 cm
Paper Giclee
Editions: 95


The main character in the TV series Peaky Blinders is called Thomas Shelby and is played by the actor Cillian Murphy. I decided to do a portrait drawing of him, not only as a challenge to myself, but also to withdraw slightly from the faceless characters that I’m generally known for.

In most of the scenes that I intend to continue to do along this collection of new works I will base the imagery on the wonderful atmospheric backdrops that the television series creates but I’ve decided to make the faces ambiguous so that they could still be anyone’s Grandfather or Father and at the same time create an air of mystery surrounding him which opens up a whole new narrative to the paintings.

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