Painting of a dapper Peaky Blinder's character

Framed, hand-embellished print on canvas

Tall Handsome Man

Size: 48 × 58 cm
Paper Giclee
Editions: 95


“This is a detail taken from the painting “Peaky Blinders” and its an image I used as a taster of the images to come. The response I got from everyone that saw it was overwhelming so I decided to launch it as a print I its own right.

The title is from a song that plays regularly on the Peaky Blinders TV show and has the line “a tall handsome man with a red right hand” which I thought was fabulous and used it to describe this character and since he was the best looking of the bunch it made sense.”

Available in our Glasgow Gallery in Princes Square.

Dimensions include frame.

Cost includes UK shipping charges but not USA shipping and local tax charges.

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