Painting of three men from the Peaky Blinders in front of an industrial scene

Signed, Limited Edition Print

Peaky Blinders

Size: 60 × 41 cm
Paper Giclee
Editions: 95


This painting was based on a scene from the TV series of the same name and to me captures everything that those characters represented but at the same time touches on my own family as I still remember my Grandfather looking like this and have a few old photos that show him being a young dapper Dan.

There was a certain etiquette to use the finer descriptive term, to how things like disputes and arguments were handled back then which inevitably involved a good old punch up and were ended in a handshake afterward. If you were to look at how the travelling community in the UK usually deal with problems among themselves you’ll get a good idea of how I remember families working things out, again settled eventually with a handshake even though a few teeth may be missing in the process.

These three characters show that same ruthless determination and attitude that was fitting for the time and I wanted to show in the faces not a portrait of the actors themselves but faces that could be anyone’s Grandfather. It shows in their demeanor that they were ready for a challenge and nothing was going to stand in their way despite all the difficulties that were thrown at them that they were survivors and the world is a poorer place for their passing.

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