Two men in kilts holding Scottish and American Flags

Signed, Limited Edition print (boutique)

Brothers In Arms

Size: 24 × 20 cm
Paper Giclee
Editions: 295


The ’boutique’ collection consists of a handful of the most popular limited edition prints, produced on a slightly reduced scale for those who wish to fill a smaller space with vibrant artwork. Alexander’s ‘gadgies’ are the focus of this collection – all in happy situations.

“I’ve been lucky enough to join the Tartan Week celebrations in New York City a few times, and loved every minute.

So I was incredibly proud when my good friends at the NY Caledonian Club and Tartan Week Committee asked if this image could be used on their promotional materials.

Not only can you buy the print, but you can buy the T -shirt too!”

A larger version of this print is also available here.

Cost includes UK shipping charges but not USA shipping and local tax charges.

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