View across sky of factories with man cycling is distance

Original, Framed Oil Painting

The Lights of My Youth

Size: 120 × 95 cm


The Lights of My Youth is an original oil painting from Alexander Millar’s Working Man Collection.

“I love the fact that within art you can look at and be drawn to a whole array of different subjects whether its love, romance, the beauty of a dramatic landscape but I was always and still am today, drawn to the ordinary and how even that has such a subtle beauty to it.

I’m not sure if we subconsciously rose-colour all our memories of the past. Even if we do it’s not such a bad thing.

I believe that if we have fond memories of our early days, with all the stresses and strains that adult life brings,  these memories will have a good effect on our lives today. The wonderful thing is that art  can take you back to that warm cosy place we keep inside our heads even though it’s of an “ordinary” scene, we can make it an extraordinary moment.

Dimensions include frame.

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