Framed Original Painting

A New Dawn

Size: 120 × 150 cm


It’s hard to imagine how a city like New York adapted, adjusted and came to terms with what happened on 911.

I imagine a state of shock would intially have been the most common reaction to an event like that. In the UK we all wondered how the USA would react and how the city could possibly recover.

Well, almost two decades later, I find myself in New York speaking to the city’s firefighters first hand – and hearing the accounts of these brave men and women who proudly speak of how people came together and gradually healed New York’s wounds.

There was one photograph that was on the front cover of a newspaper that has stayed with me from that day. It showed the aftermath and what looked like massive tombstones emerging from the dust and debris.

My painting, “A  New Dawn”, summed up, in my mind’s eye, the stoic attitude that the firefighters and citizens of New York displayed after that day

I drew upon the memory of the newspaper photograph I had seen many years prior and used a World War II image I recalled of soldiers raising the American flag on Iwo Jima as references. Both the form and the spirit conveyed in these photographs are, I hope, revitalised here, in my own commemoration of the day the world witnessed a new dawn.

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