Of A Time and A City

Width (including frame):
76cm approx
Height (including frame):
55cm approx
Width (image only):
60cm approx
Height (image only):
41cm approx
63 of 95

Of a Time and City is a rare, framed, signed, limited edition print on canvas of the original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

"My love of industrial landscapes was influenced by Lowry, and how he saw beauty in everyday life.

Unlike much of my other work, the characters in this scence are in the distance. I think I scaled them down to try and convey how our dark industrial cities could be transformed by a dusting of snow, expanding the normally limited horizions and filling the streets, the back yards and the waste grounds with light."

Of A Time and A City is in a dark brown/black, mottled wood effect frame with a silver slip and can be viewed in our Glasgow gallery or ordered online.

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