Local Hero


Local Hero is an orginal oil paintig by Alexander Millar.


"This original oil painting is from my Everyday Heroes collection. I’m proud to have had a very small part in promoting the bravery and self-sacrifice of everyday heroes - the unique band of firefighters around the globe - young, old, black, white, different races and genders.

I watched a video of a woman called Pearl Maynard. She recalled that day and of how she watched her son, Keithroy, preparing for his shift in Ladder 33 of the FDNY. It would be the last time she saw her son as he headed out on a beautiful autumn morning. 

One of my paintings was a tribute to Keithroy. He held the Stars and Stripes and had his name ‘Maynard’ printed on the tail of his uniform – a customary practice for all firefighters. In the painting I included his helmet with the number of his firehouse.

Little did I know how much this painting would impact on my life a year later, when I exhibited my work at the New York City Fire Dept. Museum in the Soho district."

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Dimensions include the frame.

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