King of the the Road

Width (including frame):
54cm approx
Height (including frame):
64cm approx
Width (artwork only):
20cm approx
Height (artwork only):
30cm approx

King of the Road is an original pencil drawing by Alexander Millar.

Many of you from my generation might remember our parents singing an old song from the sixties that was all about life on the road in middle America - King of the Road.

Back then there was a fascination for North America - and tales told by family who had emigrated there making the cars, the food and the colours all seem bigger and brighter than our lives here in the UK.

I can almost hear this gadgie having a bit of laugh with his traffic cone 'crown', signing the song by Roger Miller.

"King of the Road" Original Pencil Drawing is in a dramatic dark grey, wood effect frame and is available to view in our Newcastle Gallery. Please contact for details.

Additional local taxes and shipping costs may be incurred with USA orders.

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