Hair of the Dog

Width (artwork only):
13cm approx.
Height (artwork only):
17cm approx.
Width (including frame):
31cm approx.
Height (including frame):
36cm approx

Hair of the Dog is an original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

"Try the hair of the dog that bit you - is an old advice to cure a hangover! I'm not much of drinker but the thought of taking more of the stuff that made you feel ill the next day is not my cup of tea. Now, a cup of tea - thats a different matter!

This little gem of a painting is on a smaller scale, and I’ve loved the challenge of working with finer brushes in more delicate detail."

Hair of the Dog is in a dramatic, oversized black frame with a pewter slip.

Hair of the Dog is not include in the current “Summer Special” promotion.

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