Flying Magpies

Width including frame:
83 cm approx.
Height including frame:
98 cm approx
Width (artwork only):
60 cm approx.
Height (artwork only):
76 cm approx.

Flying Magpies is a framed, original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

"Back in the day, the most exciting thing for a wee boy or girl was to go to the local football match, rattle in hand.

Nowdays I see that same excitement, as families walk up Grey Street to go to St James Park. Despite the kids carrying mobile phones instead of football rattles, I can see what a big day it is for the kids, despite some of them trying (unsuccesfully) to be uber-cool!" 

Flying Magpies is in stunning black frame that complements the team colours in the painting.

This artwork can be veiwed in our Newcastle Gallery or purcahsed online. For more information please email .

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