Down The Wing

(You save £1,000.00 )
Width including frame:
53cm approx.
Height including frame:
58cm approx.
Width (image only):
25cm approx.
Height (image only):
30cm approx.

Down The Wing is an original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

"I love chatting with an old pal of mine, who would tell me that in his youth he showed promise as a footballer.

But like so many lads back then, the pressure of everyday life took over and they would have left school at fifteen one day and clocked in at the factory, or shipyard or coalmine the next to earn some money for the house.

They still dream of what could have been though, especially on their way to the match!"

Down the Wing is in an oversized, antique-look dark brown frame with a burnished gold slip.

It can be viewed in our Newcastle Gallery on Grey Street, or for more information please email .

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