Own a rare Artist's proof of 'Leapfrog"

Own a rare Artist's proof of 'Leapfrog"

Posted by Alexander Millar on 19th Jan 2023

This new year I'd like to offer you the chance to own a rare Artist’s Proof of my painting - 'Leapfrog' - sourced from my personal archive.

"Inspiration for many of my paintings comes from my take on everyday life on our streets, particularly from a bygone era when most people walked, cycled or took the bus - to work, to the shops or to the pub!

Back then working folk aged early, through the daily grind of making ends meet - but every so often the remembered exuberance of their youth would resurface in a game of football, hopscotch or even leapfrog."

If you spend £350 or more online or in our galleries Ona signed, limited edition print or on an original artwork, youllreceive a complimentary Artist’s Proof of ‘Leapfrog’*.

There's only a handful of these Artist’s Proofs, so order your artwork soon if you like the look of this cheerful, wee artwork.

'Leapfrog' is produced through the Giclee printing process on high quality art paper. The image is 15cm by 15cm, and each Artist's Proof is hand-signed and numbered by me.

'Leapfrog' can't purchased as copies are reserved for this promotion.

* Not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

So what’s an Artist's Proof?

When one of my originals is produced as a limited edition, to check the colour and quality of the limited edition, I’ll receive a small amount as proofs. I normally retain these for my personal archive but at times they can be sold along with the signed, limited edition prints.

There are only 20 Artist's Proofs of 'Leapfrog'.

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