A Backie Down The Road

Width (artwork only):
20cm approx
Height ( artwork only):
30cm approx
Width (including frame):
54cm approx
Height (including frame):
64cm approx

A Backie Down The Road is an original pencil drawing by Alexander Millar.

“A 'Backie', a 'Coal Carry' or a 'Piggy Back' are local terms for the same thing - and when you were too wee to walk all day but too big to be carried in your folk's arms - this was a brilliant option.

It gave you the chance to see the world for a grown-up's point of view, so even if you weren't that tired you'd ask for a 'backie' just for the fun of it.

This original pencil drawing is in a dramatic dark grey, wood grain effect frame and can be viewed in our Glasgow Gallery or purchased online here.

For more information please email info@alexandermillar.com or call 07776 162038

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