633 Squadron

Width including frame:
113 cm (approx)
Height including frame:
83 cm (approx)
Width (painting only):
89 cm (approx)
Height (painting only):
59 cm (approx)

633 Squadron is a framed, original oil painting by Alexander Millar.

"Growing up in less poiltically correct days, we kids loved to play at 'soldiers', being snipers with bits of old sticks that were our rifles, or if we were very lucky with a plastic pistol from the local toy shop.

WWII films were still being run at the 'pictures' and the black and white ones were often on TV.

A big favoutite was 633 Squadron, where a crack team of RAF bombers had to fly up a narrow fjord to get to the target - I remember years later watching the first Star Wars film where the basic plot looked the same!

So this is my wee 'gadgie' tribute to 633 Sqaudron!"

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